Our Vision

We are a small family owned farm located in the beautiful rolling landscape in Ohio’s largest Amish country. Our vision for the future of our farm has a lot to do with the view right outside our window. We know about the deep seated passion for the land and our responsibility to use its bounty as good stewards. So we leave it healthy for future generations, not depleted of natural minerals nor saturated with artificial synthetic chemicals. When we talk about our commitment to raise our food products right, or the importance of going beyond sustainable farming or our interest in the environment, it’s not just some big corporate marketing hype. It is literally how we live.  

We are certified organic. We use absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics or vaccinations. The regenerative farming traditions we practice go beyond organics or sustainability. We hold to even higher practices than these two standards require with a focus on feeding the soil which will grow healthy, nutrient-dense crops.



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